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      About Us

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      About Us

      Beijing HaiGuang instrument co., LTD. is a modern central government-owned enterprises which is concentrated on research ,development, manufacturing, sales and service. Specially, it focus attention on research and development of spectrum analysis instrument for more than 40 years that assist it grown up as a famous manufacturers of this area in China. That has a few of products and treats several analysis instruments like atomic fluorescence spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrometer and Inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry as the main products.

      Beijing HaiGuang instrument co., LTD. is the birthplace of the commercial type of atomic fluorescence spectrometer in the world. After that it pays significant effort on the technology of the atomic fluorescence. That lead to a dramatically improvement in several aspects like the excitation light source, sample introduction technique and vapor generation system and made the products be more mature. Until now, it generate more than 20 types of the commercial instruments which contains the peristaltic pump series, the injection pump series and morphological analysis series.

      Beijing HaiGuang instrument co., LTD. in cooperation with the ecological environment of the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop the technology based on liquid chromatography and atomic fluorescence spectrometry which used to analysis the form and the valence state of elements in 2007.The results generate various products of liquid chromatography-atomic fluorescence spectrometry (LC - AFS) and got a good reaction after that used in several units such as the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, China National Food and Safety Supervision and Inspection Center, National Institute for Food and Drug Control, The Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research and Tsinghua University.

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